not an unusual type of bridge in remote areas of Laos


Traveling to a foreign country can present challenges for many inexperienced travelers, and traveling to remote areas of Laos has it’s own unique challenges.  Missions in Laos can assist you with the planning stages of your trip, and then your tour is conducted by Lao Adv Tours.  Their tours are customized to accomplish your goal of reaching your destination in Laos.


Who might want to take a tour in Laos?

A family member of a loved one who is still MIA

An adult child of a M.I.A. service member. Some adults who were children at the time of their father’s loss were too young to have a memory of him.

A veteran who served with someone who is or was MIA in Laos.

A veteran who flew missions over Laos and only saw the country from higher altitudes.

Someone that’s interested in history related to the war.


Reasons to take a tour in Laos:

To honor and remember a loved one who is MIA by visiting their last known location.

To honor and remember a loved one who was recovered and repatriated.

To honor and remember a fellow veteran who is MIA.

To explore the country where you served by air during the war.


Whatever your reason is for traveling to Laos we welcome anyone that wants to have a present day experience in this country that was greatly impacted by the war. Whatever you’re relationship is to an MIA or the war there is a personal connection and healing that you may experience by being in Laos.


truck used on Susan’s tour

Once you contact us about your interest in a tour in Laos we will have a discussion about the individual who is MIA.to verify information including coordinates of their last known position.

Some last known positions of MIA service members cannot be accessed by a vehicle or other means. This doesn’t mean that you can’t experience a connection… just being in the area or Laos in general can be a riveting experience.  Chris at Lao Adv Tours is very familiar with the country and will be able to let you know if it’s possible to get to the location of interest to you.



Missions in Laos can research specific losses and obtain the most up-to-date information available to them.  Any information that a family member can initially provide could be very important to this effort but it has to be verified and confirmed to be the most recent information.

Missions in Laos can help you plan your trip to Laos with recommendations and helpful hints for traveling there.  





clouds above the Mekong River- Savannakhet, Laos


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