MISSION: Adopt a village

MISSION: Adopt a village


Washing clothes in Ban Kok Mak, Laos in March 2023


We at Missions in Laos feel that humanitarian aid is an important component of what we do. During your tour you may visit a remote village known as a “ban”.  You’ll have a firsthand experience observing the lifestyle in a village in Laos. It may not have changed much since the war… 50+ years ago! 

We want to do what we can even if in a small way to help the villagers. One of the ways we can help is to provide the village people with food, safe drinking water, educational supplies and toys for the children. 

In March 2023 Susan brought small toys and items such as books, crayons, pencils, stickers to the children in Kok Mak. The somewhat dubious but also excited children gathered around Susan and Mouk.  Mouk was the translator on the tour who communicated with the children in the Lao language.  It was surprising to see the faces of the children as Susan demonstrated how to sharpen a pencil! By their expressions it seemed that they had not seen this done before. 

 Susan, Chris, and Mouk also went to a market in nearby Vilabouly to purchase food and water for the people in Kok Mak.  Needless to say the people in the village were surprised by our gesture and very appreciative.

To say that it was a humbling experience spending time with the people in the village of Kok Mak is an understatement!


children playing with globe balls


Ultimately, we at Missions in Laos would like to develop something like “Adopt a Village” to formalize our humanitarian efforts.
This may involve providing ongoing assistance as we are able to through personal donations from caring Americans.

We would love to erect a sign in a Lao village that reads…

“This village was adopted by Americans who care.”



During and after my last trip to Laos (March 2023) I had a few people inquire as to how they could help the people in Ban Kok Mak.  Of course mailing supplies from the U.S. to Laos is not feasible especially since there’s no mail delivery in Kok Mak. Also, I do not want to transport a great quantity of items with me, nor food products.

I appreciate everyone that has an interest in supporting this worthwhile cause. I now have a Go Fund Me page in place for anyone that would like to contribute to providing basic necessities to people in the remote village of Kok Mak. The USD (US dollar) goes a long way in the Laos economy so small donations very helpful.

New information will be posted here as I have it available to share.