Missions in Laos was established for a few purposes:

  • to assist you with planning a trip to Laos because of your connection to someone who is MIA (missing-in-action). You may have a desire to travel to Laos because of a connection to the Vietnam War and specifically “The Secret War in Laos” by your relationship to a loved one who served and was or is still MIA, Maybe you are a veteran who served in this war and has an interest in returning to Laos.
  • to maintain awareness of MIA U.S. service members recovery efforts,
  • to provide humanitarian aid to remote villages in Laos.  


The background of Missions in Laos began while looking into a past mission. Susan who is the founder of Missions in Laos has spent years researching a USAF pilot MIA in Laos since 1969.  She has a POW-MIA bracelet for over 50 years with the pilot’s name and date of loss…
Lt. Col. Carter Luna, 3-10-69” inscribed on it.



In furtherance of her present day research Susan became acquainted with Chris Corbett, owner/operator of Lao Adv Tours in Luang Prabang, Laos. In March 2023 she hired Chris as her driver during her third trip to Laos.
With Chris’ knowledge of the Savannakhet Province they were able to find the last known position of Colonel Carter Luna
when he became MIA in Laos on 10 MAR 69.



an excavated crash site of a USAF plane


While traveling through a remote area of the Savannakhet Province along with a guide/translator, Chris and Susan also visited two crash sites. These sites had been excavated and the remains of two USAF pilots were later identified and ultimately repatriated to the U.S.

During the tour Chris and Susan had discussions about how they might be able to interact with and assist family members of service members still MIA in Laos.  

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For decades there have been ongoing investigations and recovery efforts including successful recoveries and identifications of MIA service members in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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Mission in Laos believes it is important to provide humanitarian aid in Laos villages. The past has affected the present day lives of people in Laos villages, and has an influence on their future.
It is our intention to help the people to the extent we can in these villages to have a better quality of life in the short and long term.

                          For details about  “Mission: Adopt a Village”
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typical modes of transportation in remote Laos


Susan has taken hundreds of photographs during her trips to Laos including U.S. military aircraft crash sites, local villages and the people who live there, and photos specifically related to Colonel Carter Luna.
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~ NEW ~

02 APR 2024

I’ve returned from my trip to Southeast Asia where I traveled to Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam; over 20,000 miles (round trip from the U.S. in 3 weeks).  There are some interesting things taking place in central Laos that affect recovery efforts of MIAs so PLEASE take the time to read what I experienced.



To learn more about my experience in the village of Kok Mak in 2023 & be part of my humanitarian support effort I have created a
Go Fund Me account. This supports my goal of
“Mission: Adopt a Village”.

This is the link to the page where the details of this effort are explained:



UPDATE:  The generous donations have surpassed my initial goal and subsequent goals. I am grateful for the support I am continuing to receive to provide humanitarian support to the people in Ban Kok Mak, Laos. I will purchase food, water, supplies for the village and will be able to assist another village in the same manner.


2023- Susan in Ban Kok Mak, Laos





Susan was invited to be the guest speaker on Veterans Day 2023 at the A-1 Skyraider pilot Association in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Captain George Marrett, USAF, Ret. invited her to the reunion where they gave a presentation to more than 100 pilots and other service members.  Captain Marrett described the rescue mission he led on 10 MAR 69 after Colonel Carter Luna was shot down in central Laos.  Susan gave a detailed presentation about her research of Colonel Luna, and her trips to Laos.  They received a standing ovation which indicated they were well received by this group of courageous and dedicated men.  A-1 pilots flew combat missions in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War and also were a main element of search and rescue missions.

Susan: “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me but maybe I’ll attend the next reunion and have updated information to share.”

This is a link to the video of the presentation on YouTube.
(apx. 1 hr. 20 min. in length)


Susan with Captain George Marrett, USAF, Ret.




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1,577  1,576

MIA service members UNACCOUNTED-FOR from the

as of APRIL 2024*


283 282 MIA service members UNACCOUNTED-FOR in LAOS from the

as of APRIL 2024**









KIA/BNR (killed-in-action/body not recovered)

10 MAR 69

Savannakhet Province near Ban Kok Mak, Laos


“He is the reason that I’ve gone there, he is the reason I will continue to return there.”





*Source: DPAA

*11 are in a “non-recoverable” status


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